Asia Desk

For more than 25 years, Barros & Errázuriz has provided legal services to various Asian companies and conglomerates, including large and renowned Japanese corporations as well as a growing number of companies from China, South Korea, Singapore, among others. In recent years, we have intensified our advisory services to our Asian clients, focusing on company acquisitions, participation in infrastructure tenders, public and private works, investments in the energy, mining, salmon and technology sectors, among others, as well as in financing processes.

In response to the growing economic and cultural exchange between both regions, Barros & Errázuriz has formed a specialized area of practice in advising Asian clients, through which we seek to better channel their requirements, open up business opportunities, and enable them to develop all the potential that Chile has to offer. At present, our Asia Desk has managed to position itself as an integral solution to the challenges that our Asian clients face in understanding and adapting to the particularities of the local market.

The members of our Asia Desk have vast experience in advising Asian clients in Chile, actively participating in important transactions at a national level, managing to develop a thorough understanding of the culture and particularities that characterize clients from said continent. In this way, our Asia Desk has managed to form relevant relations with companies, law firms and chambers of commerce, both in Chile and throughout the most important business centers in Asia.

Considering the regional scope of Asian investment, our alliance of Affinitas law firms -with presence in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru- allows us to create synergies that help us position ourselves as the main alliance of regional firms, becoming an integral and comprehensive solution to advise Asian clients in the countries of the Pacific Alliance.


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