Green Hydrogen in Chile

Green hydrogen is a relevant issue in the energy field in Chile. The Ministry of this portfolio announced the strategy to promote fuel in the country, due to the great opportunities offered by a territory like Chile, where the capacity of renewable energy installed is enormous, providing a unique space for the development of Green H2.

The aggressive policy of de carbonization that has been promoted in the country and that will contribute to this purpose at a global level also plays a role in its expansion. All of the above, is complemented by a large national mining industry that can benefit from the use of this resource.

Chile has a great challenge and an ambitious goal to be a reference for Green Hydrogen in international markets.

In the words of the chilean Energy Minister, “[. . .] interest in hydrogen has focused on its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the sectors of the economy that are most difficult to mitigate [. . . ]”. This is why it emerges as an energy alternative that allows us to commit to climate action and, at the same time, to develop our comparative advantages as a “future energy rich” country.


Currently, green financing is growing along with current tax benefits for extreme zones, being this one of the factors that would encourage the competitiveness of business models based on this clean fuel in Chile.

a) US$200 billion in investment over the next 20 years

b) Creation of more than 100,000 jobs

c) Support for global de carbonization

d) Help “clean up” production processes

e) Access and export of its derivatives such as: ammonia, methanol and synthetic fuels

g) Green hydrogen will allow Chile’s export sector to differentiate itself in international markets with clean and competitive products

h) Projects and industry of this clean fuel will generate poles of investment, innovation and local activity.

(i) Chile will collaborate extensively with international public and private actors to scale up the global hydrogen market

a) Cost reduction of NCRE and electrolysis

b) De carbonization: hydrogen demand could grow 10 times

c) Chilean green hydrogen could be competitive vs/gray hydrogen by 2030

d) Clean industry can reach size of Chilean mining Relevant documents: