Committed to social impact


Committed to social impact

Commitment from our Legal Practice

pro bono

At Barros & Errázuriz, Pro Bono work is part of our identity. We believe in the importance of guaranteeing access to professional and comprehensive legal advice to those who need it.


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Pro Bono Study of the Year

Pro Bono Study of the Year


Pro Bono Coordinator of the Year

Pro Bono Coordinator of the Year


Pro Bono Spirit

Pro Bono Spirit


Leading Lights Pro Bono, Latin Lawyer

Leading Lights Pro Bono, Latin Lawyer

Barros & Errázuriz Scholarship

We want to contribute to the professional growth of young people through the Barros & Errázuriz Scholarship program, which seeks to financially support law graduates during the preparation period for the bar exam or the completion of the mandatory professional practice, along with the possibility of doing an internship in our firm.

This benefit is aimed at outstanding students who have demonstrated their academic excellence, intellect and leadership.

The 2024 application period is open

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Environmental Commitment


We are aware of the challenges that the planet presents us with and that as an organization we can contribute from our position, reducing the impact generated.


Within the initiatives that we promote internally, there is recycling and support for the reduction of our Carbon Footprint.

During 2023, we achieved the following recycling and impact reduction figures:

230 trees

175 kilos of plastic

10.231 kilos of paper

One tree for each B&E member

In 2023 we launched our “Barros & Errázuriz Forest” in which we planted 232 native trees. During 2024, for each of our team’s birthdays, a new tree will be added to form a forest with 482 trees by the end of the year.

This is an internal initiative in alliance with Fundación Reforestemos. In this way, we collaborate in the restoration, protection and reforestation of degraded ecosystems.

Visit our Barros & Errázuriz Forest here

Social Commitment


We believe in our capacity as a Firm to provide spaces and opportunities for the development of the workers who are part of our Firm and those who enter and begin a career with us, firmly believing in our principles and values based on equality, diversity, and inclusion.

50% Women
50% Men

diversity committees

B&E Gender Equality Committee

We have a Gender Equality Committee that ensures guidance on the professional development of those who are part of the Firm, based on talent and merit.

Affinitas Diversity Committee

Our Affinitas team has a regional Diversity Committee that recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion, as transforming elements of society and the legal market.


As part of our ongoing commitment to promote equal opportunities and enhance gender equality in our Firm, we have established an alliance with Women in Finance, an organization dedicated to promoting and strengthening the presence of women in the financial sector, as well as promoting their development and leadership in this field.

We will work together to implement strategies and programs that promote inclusion and professional development in our work environment.


We are a firm grateful for the growth we have achieved and therefore, we believe it is essential to give back to society for our achievements.

Part of the value we seek to generate in society translates into support for various organizations, through legal advice, financial support, and volunteering of our team.


Christmas with meaning campaign with Fundación Corpaliv, 2023.

Construction of the "Mi Parque Feliz" square with Fundación Mi Parque, 2023.

Winter campaign with Fundación Corpaliv, 2023.

Volunteer Day with Fundación Inspira, 2023.

Sports afternoon with Ganémosle a la Calle, 2022.

Christmas with Fundación Luz, 2021.

Volunteer Day in Padre Semeria, 2020.

Park Construction Volunteer with Fundación Mi Parque, 2018.

Christmas at Padre Semeria, 2018.

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