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B&E Scholarship

We want to contribute to the professional growth of young people through the Barros & Errázuriz Scholarship program, which seeks to financially support law graduates during the preparation period for the bar exam or the completion of the mandatory professional practice, along with the possibility of doing an internship in our firm.

This benefit is aimed at outstanding students who have demonstrated their academic excellence, intellect and leadership.

Contact | beca@bye.cl

*The 2023 application period is closed.

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We believe in the importance of promoting the ideas that law students develop during their studies and related to the legal profession. This is why we have launched the Barros & Errázuriz Competitive Funds initiative.

The objective is, as a law firm, to support ideas and academic projects that generate added value and aim at innovation, having an impact on the community and/or on the practice of law.

The funds are aimed at law students of third year or higher, from all those universities in the country that have been accredited of more than 3 years.

Contact | fondosconcursables@bye.cl

*The 2023 application period is closed.


Together, we create a close and creative work environment so that you can develop your full potential and talent. We build a culture based on teamwork, closeness and horizontal relationships, aspects that we seek to enhance through team building activities, professional training programs and various experiences that will allow you to learn together with your team members, get to know the Firm and acquire new knowledge.  

Professional Development

We encourage the academic and professional training of all the members of Barros & Errázuriz, committed to promoting their constant learning and development. Through our professional training programs you will be able to acquire new skills and knowledge, to improve your strengths, keep yourself updated and develop new skills.

International experience

We are globally connected through our Affinitas network, an international team of which you can be a part of and work together with lawyers from renowned firms in the Pacific Alliance: Gómez-Pinzón from Colombia; Mijares Angoitía, Fuentes y Cortés from Mexico; and Miranda & Amado from Peru. We support specialization studies abroad and the participation as a Foreign Associate in renowned international firms.


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