Capital Markets

With a significant presence in this area, Barros & Errázuriz provides full advice to those companies that need to obtain resources through the issuance and public offering of bonds, shares and other instruments, both in domestic and foreign markets.

The Firm has complete knowledge and experience in the regulations applicable to the issuance of securities, as well as in the other aspects involved in the placement of securities on the market.
Also, the Firm has an important regulatory practice in matters related to the capital market, highlighting its advice on matters of “compliance,” oversight of the authorities, compliance with the current regulatory framework, and defense against charges or administrative sanctions.

The firm has had an active participation in the financing of investment projects of all kinds, participating in important and complex structures of financing of companies, infrastructure projects, real estate projects, among others.

Highlighted is its participation in the operations of opening companies as advisors to the issuer, in the cases of Socovesa S.A., Coca Cola Embonor S.A., Laboratorios Andrómaco S.A., Comercial Siglo XXI S.A. (La Polar) Matriz Ideas S.A., Inmobiliaria Manquehue S.A. and Empresas Sutil S.A., as well as the advice provided to stockbrokers on the openings of the companies Enjoy S.A. and Azul Azul S.A. Additionally, it has relevant experience advising in primary placements of shares of companies such as Empresas CMPC S.A., Parque Arauco S.A., La Polar S.A., Lan Airlines S.A. and Colbún S.A.

Also, the Firm has participated advising in registrations and placements of bonds and/or trade bills to the aforementioned companies, as well as to the companies ESSBIO S.A., Aguas Nuevo Sur Maule S.A., Entel S.A., Enaex S.A., Parque Arauco S.A., Sigdo Koppers S.A., Empresas Iansa S.A., Cementos Bío Bío S.A., CCAF Los Héroes, Besalco S.A., Empresas Hites S.A., among others.
On the other hand, the Firm has accompanied local companies in obtaining international financing through 144A Bonds, such as Socovesa S.A., Geopark, Transelec S.A. and Empresas CMPC S.A.


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