Natural Resources

Barros & Errázuriz Abogados has extensive experience in the field of Natural Resources.

In the area of ​​Natural Resources, our advice covers the most diverse issues, especially in aquaculture, health matters (both regarding the health services of production and distribution of drinking water, and of collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater, as well as issues of food, and health, among others), pharmaceutical, forestry and others. Included in this advice is the participation in administrative processes, obtaining concessions and permits before the most diverse bodies of the State Administration, as well as due diligence processes and transactions related to projects of this type. This also includes the preparation of reports, analysis of legal risks and legal defense.

Likewise, our advice includes indigenous law issues, such as title studies of indigenous land, negotiations with communities, due diligence processes, indigenous consultation processes, and we have also provided pro-bono advice to indigenous communities in both northern and southern Chile.

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