Real Estate

Barros & Errázuriz is an undisputed leader in the real estate business with a portfolio of clients that includes the most prominent real estate and construction companies in the country.

The advise in this matter includes the planning of the respective project -in conjunction with the clients- and the design of the best development structure. Among other efforts, it is worth mentioning the formation of plots of land, their purchase, subdivision, and division into lots; title deed studies; corporate aspects in the formation of associations or consortiums for their development; design of the tax structure adjusted to each project; aspects related to permits and authorizations of municipal, ministerial, and other agencies; financing of projects, design of a system of operation and co-ownership; specific regulatory advice and analysis in matters of urban development and, in general, all appropriate matters up to the project’s full commercialization.

Our experience includes projects of a diverse nature, such as housing, commercial, infrastructure and development, in rural areas or areas with special regulations. In addition, our firm provides specific advice in the field of planning and construction regulations, having participated in legal proceedings arising from their application.


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