Within its real estate practice, Barros & Errázuriz has developed an area of ​​advice on matters of land-use and urban planning demonstrating great leadership within the national market.

The advice on matters of urban regulation and land use is specialized advice that includes, on the one hand, the normative analysis of the land in terms of the urban rules applicable to a specific property, its urbanization, aspects of environmental regulations, heritage and health regulations, and associated others, as well as legal support in the obligations derived from impact studies on the urban transport system (EISTU), the public space contribution system, and real estate co-ownership. Aspects related to pre-projects, permits, and other authorizations required by the competent bodies for the development of projects, be they industrial, commercial, touristic, infrastructure, residential, conservation, retail or mixed, to be developed in both rural and urban areas.

Meanwhile, it also includes the analysis and exercise of administrative and/or legal actions and remedies that allow the interpretation or resolutions of the bodies with competence in the matter that do not comply with the regulations in force to be challenged.

Due to the specialty of the matter, our experience has also included the formation of multidisciplinary teams with other professionals to achieve the required objectives.


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